A True Best Friend!

Writing this blog with a heart full of pain and an eyes wants to cry so badly, missing your best friend is something really exhausting your power and specially if she’s in front of your eyes and you can’t reach her damn it’s hard, watching her facing everything by her self and you want to face the whole world for her but you can’t, it hurts a LOT she’s YOUR BEST FRIEND.

Visiting places you used to go there with her and remember every moment you’ve spent with her it’s cutting my heart into pieces and it’s like you can swear that you can hear his voice all over the place talking to you damn my tears were trying to push out of my eyes, seeing his tweets all over your timeline and subscribing in his tweet’s so you can get everything she tweets at your mobile so you don’t miss a single thing, to make sure she’s okay every second and your world turns into hell if she’s upset or mad or sad, can’t you get it, she’s a BEST FRIEND.


Crying almost every time you remember moments you were talking to hem and feel’s like the whole world is going black wallah it’s to damn hard, I just can’t imagen life without you my best friend still checking my phone everyday I wake up to see your “Morning <3” it used to make my day and make’s me feel like amazing and turns my day into hell if you forgot to send it and make’s me a sad little kid, it’s just you are my best friend you are my everything and the person would never find such a friend in his life everyday.


I just want to tell you that you are my BEST FRIEND till  I die and you’ll always make my day with your words smile and every thing you do cheering me up helping me facing the world and the really tough life, you’ll always be in my heart and I’l always keep my Dua’a to you, because you’re the one who deserves it. and for anyone who red this blog if you have a best friend make sure to hold him/her with your teeth no matter it was a female or male friend it’s called a BEST FRIEND.



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