Aaand here we go Uni!

So, after 14 years of school life, here I am going to university and living the university student life, but not actually living it with all it’s features! why ? I’ll tell you.

After finishing high school “Tawjihi” with an really shitty degree 66% because of the “Tawjihi Luck” we have it here in Jordan, I’ve suffered to get into university because the acceptance degrees for this year was really high :S and also my financial status is really not that much anyway “alhamdulillah for everything”  so I had to take a private university and I’ve suffered in this matter as well, because the hour price in private universities is really high! so I was really confused which one to choose, moving from one to another until I found Philadelphia University and it has a scholarship for athletics and singers..etc, so I said finally it’s working and almost everything was good until we get to the payment level, I just need the admission fees telling my family, then I’ve heard “We don’t have it.”,….. I just had nothing to say back there and I decided to delay uni to next semester and work in this time.

I was out with friends until I got back home finding my mom giving me a news paper pice with an advertise of Applied Science University say that there’s a scholarship for young developers and there’s a test for it and the scholarship can get up to 100%, I don’t know I just felt something good about it!.

So I said I’m going to do it, let’s just give it a last chance, I called the uni the very next day and they said I must visite the uni for the participating matters and filling an application, I went to the uni the next day meeting the responsible about the scholarship program, I’ve talked to him a bit telling him about my journey in learning development and he was interested so he toke me to the Dean’s office to meet him 😀 – I felt great back there 😛 – I met the dean and I talked to him and told him everything I’ve said to the doctor but with a little bit more details to make him more interested and hi was :D, so I toke the test time and date and went back home.


On the test day I went to the uni and directly went to the doctor office – the responsible – and he was helping me in a really lovely way telling me what to focus on and stuff and he toke me to the internet hall to check the stuff he told me online and I did, and then here comes the test time ^^’ , I was really scared more than I’ve been in the “Tawjihi” exams 😛 and I toke the paper it had 8 questions and I had only two hours to answers them, reading the questions and thinking – how this hell I’m spouse to answer them in two hours – I started my exam and it was really difficult answering as much as I can, for the recored in was a practical exam so I had to write codes that was my answer 😛 and at the end I came up with 4 answered question ^^’.


Finished my exam and went to the dean’s office to talk a bit about it and how they can help and he was really treating me like a son and he said insha’a allah will do my best to get you the best scholarship I can get and he said inshallah tomorrow the doctor will call you telling you the result, Thank you I said and went bak home. Next day while I was in my way to work I had the call telling me that  got 30% 😀 I was like alhamdulillaaaaaaah my hour price had increased to 59.5 from 85 JD’s, so I said alhamdulillah again and started to manage the stuff to register in the uni doing all my papers and here we come again to money stuff I had to pay 420 JD’s only for admission fees what to do ?? I toke a lone from work 😀 😛 and paid for it and here I am a Computer Science student in ASU :D.

Currently I’m working to teach my self – baying my uni from my work 😀 – .

Abdullah Al-Faqeir.

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