As days pass on and time runs out of your hands, you sit there in the dark night with its thirst to lock you with miseries and sorrows surrounding you,how?just by going over your actions and attitudes the day before and the one before and it goes on and on and on and on until you drop a tear and say (astaghfer allah al3azem).

Night rhymes with knight msh mn faragh ,it actually grabs your soul and starts playing it for as long as you’re awake ,blacked out and being forced to watch a clip of all the faces your mind would recognise the ones who left ,died and the ones who you’ll see when the sun rises ! w khod fadde mn elhawa kasak as the legendery om kolthoom says …

your only companian for the night is the battle your mind and heart go through… and lets get it all clear ,your mind is a fearless bastard and your heart hmm that thing that keeps you alive and digs you a grave everyday is abviously a hypocrite (sawf talhobena el7aya w tskhar)

in between your past and your future there swings your present ,you may want to forget the past -lessons should be learned tho – look up to your future without the extra exitement and the fake smile you’ve got on your face .

no one ever said it’s going to be easy , no one has the right to give that life statement philosophers spent their entire lives seeking for, why ? because you dear reader is different , your heart, mind and eyes these cannot be copied , your tears , delusions and smiles will only be written in your own life scenario…


the angle your eyes had missed !

since these days are pretty much my last days at school , i was thinking of making a video ,it doesn’t say alot about me as rasha as it gathers clips from what’s happening around me .

i still can’t believe i turned 18 and one step closer to success as well as death :p hahaha ,i do not really aim to mention it but yeah a birthday means (hey remember when you were a tiny piece of shit ,you didn’t actually exist ,and now you’re consuming what you’ve got from ur loud ticking seconds for celebrating that) <–that in my opinion what goes in mind but never spoken loud .

another thing that people cheer about is marriage ,i mean seriously Are You Out Of Your Mind ???
away from the pictures you have and the beautiful white dress ,flowers and the wedding itself there is your job ,your kids , and your bathrooms mirror.

and i believe the hardest would be your bathrooms mirror! you might now get confused but no don’t , this thing is just one example of the millions of things we tend to not think about ,although you see yourself in it each and every morning. It is probably the one thing that reflects genuiney , it shows you tired , with your swollen eyes and your shaggy skin yet it whispers in your ears “you’re alive”, and with all what it gives you you don’t even bother to pay it back , you don’t smash it neither clean it .

i am not asking you to be more hygienic ,i am just telling you you should be more responsible before you make your move ,as in serious matters ofc , HAVING KIDS is in , are you following ?IT’SIN .

set her free

in a sparkly stars-full night ,he had shown up with his 1.80 meters height ,she stood by the tree and counted to three ,she said here you go i’ve given it all away to the law.

the shadow couldn’t let her down he can’t bare her frown ,why would a star fall from the sky why would an angel fall down ,her eyes and its depth oh lord why so chocolate brown !

shhh watch out can’t you hear creepy winds shout,i am quite sure the whole world would go bright if you keep sadness out of sight…

her soul is attached to you ,maybe she’s wrong maybe she’s right,both ways there won’t be a fight,set me free she said ,dropped a tear and he still said i might .

worship your friendship

The title speaks it all and loud , well the reason why am writing here is that someone that means a lot to me has gifted me with the honor of sharing a blog .

one thing you should all try is having an opposite gender friend ,haha, seriously  i have one  *not gay* btw , you’ll be able to tell him-her everything what  ever you want , fights and stupid arguments are certainly concluded as any friendship but what you’ll share with a friend is so much more than a 30 mins fight ;p okay sometimes it exceeds the limit bs it works out at the end and everything  goes back to what it should be like .

a friend is someone who cares about you , offers you a shoulder to cry on in states of collapse and giggles with you in moments of joy , a friend is someone who calls you from his moms’ phone and congratulates you for your success , sometime to tell you to stop giving up and to work with you to work it out , a friend is someone i can act funny with , and a friend is what i call abdullah alfaqeir :’) *singing (lucky) all the way long*

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