Good bey High School!

And here we go saying good bey to high school, after failing in the Islamic culture class and do it again , finally I did succeeded alhamdulillah. It was such an amazing experience in the Jordanian high school because it depends a lot on luck actually, many people succeeded in our “Tawjihi” they barely could manage it to “Tawjihi” and they were able to get amazing marks as well, so actually I don’t know what to say!.

Talking about my experience in “Tawjihi”, actually it was really amazing and I’m going to miss every single second I’ve spend in “Tawjihi” but unfortunately I’ll try to forget all the bad stuff happened with me during “Tawjihi” because as I said above “Tawjihi” here depends a lot on luck, in the first semester I studied very well, I used to memorize everything because I used to teach my friends πŸ˜› a lot, so as much I was repeating stuff as much as I memorize them and I used to go to the exam saying at most I’m going to lose about 10 marks (that’s if I was drunk :P) and my friends used to check there answers from mine, and after finishing the exams I tried to calculate my final degree and I came up with at least 86 that’s in worst cases, and at the I got an amazing 68 :D, – astonished – !.


Well.. I’ve started the second semester like a zombi I just want to pass, I don’t want anything else I didn’t care about my degree I JUST WANT TO PASS and finish everything. I used to sleep in class like in the whole semester I’ve attended at most about 15 class πŸ˜› ^^’, and I had an extra class it was Physics2 and I only attended only one class of it, at the exams I decided to study just to pass and finish the damn “Tawjihi” so I started to study and do my exams and it was pretty good so I said okay why don’t I study a bit more and get an extra marks , who knows ?!. So alhamdulillah I studied and I passed all the class’s but one class and you red it at the beginning – Islamic Culture – actually I had a concert with the choir I sing with πŸ˜› so I didn’t study well, so I had to take the consequences of what I’ve did and al7amdulillah I did the class again and here I am passing “Tawjihi” and I’m going to the lovely University.

And finally I’d love to say Congrats to all students who passed the first semester and good luck for those who didn’t inshallah you’ll make it up the next semester, and for all students who will be “Tawjihi” next year take care study well and believe in luck in “Tawjihi” may allah be with you all.

Abdullah Al-Faqeir

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