Hello World!, as always

As every first blog starts with hello world why don’t I start mine as well ?! , this blog will be the first serious blog in my life, I already have my own website I wanted to create a blog on it but I don’t know why I’m writing here ?. Wait, I’m already writing on my website !.

I’m just a 18 years old human living on earth on a spot called “Jordan” learned how to write codes by my self when I was 15 years old doing many things (Good Things) to fill my time and leave a fingerprint in this big planet we’re living in it .

Maybe I find wordpress much fun because I’m a developer I’m using Drupal in my website and it needs time to work on a blog in my webstie, so I guess I’m just too lazy to work in one ^^’.

Anyway I’m going to write in this blog every once and a while, whenever I have something straggling in my head making me thing pretty much and I feel like I have to say it to public I’m going to write here – forgive me sometimes if it gets a bit dirty – I’m just a young upset guy trying to make him self more comfort.

And at the end we’re just humans living on the planet trying to get into life and finish our mission and then go To meet allah(الله) so lets just pray to allah to forgive us and have mercy on us.

Abdullah Al-Faqeir

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