Old is Gold

As the title say, OLD IS GOLD I’m sick of my life these days I want my life back, they used to say that if someone is a developer he have no life, and I used to say no, we do have life but now I realised it’s true. I’m dying slowly I’m losing my self, over stressing my self and losing my soul while only dealing with codes and thinking thinking thinking.

And the thing that kills me more that I’ve lost my BEST friend the one I’ve lived with for like 14 years, but thanks to allah, allah gave me one but it’s a female friend she’s awesome I didn’t know that allah loves me that much so he gave me she! :p, but you know friends who you grew up with are slightly deferent, it feels deferent when you play, talk walk or do anything with them and sadly I almost lost them all it turned that they’re all assholes – sorry for the word – but that’s the truth. And Now I’m living only with the amazing friend I have Rasha Abu-Shanab who write with me in this blog.


And actually finding new ones is really hard actually extremely hard specially in these days where it’s hard to find an honest friend someone good who loves you for who you are, someone who calls you to say hi even if you forget to call him, someone who get’s you عالطاير ,who thinks like you and this thing specially, but this thing can’t be found in someone unless he grew up with you and lived a long time with you and been throw a lot with you and know who truly you are because it’s really hard ro tell someone new stuff need’s to be lived in, so you can understand them so I’m forced to live almost alone.


But I guess I’m really silly because having someone like Rasha Abu-Shanab, with you all the time make’s you realize how lucky you are, it’s like she’s the best friend I’ve ever had, she’s amazing, lovely, funny a great thinker who have a huge brain an amazing and mature way of thinking knows who I’m, what makes me happy and what upsets me and how to motivate me when I’m totally down and definitely knows how to – اتبهدلني – 😛 when I do something wrong 😛 ,she’s like the perfect model for the Best Friend may allah keep her in save and lighten her way.


The End might be awkward but yeah this is the end :D.


Abdullah Al-Faqeir

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