The Angel MY eyes had missed

Yes , the angel my eyes had missed and it’s crying on him, living my days without him is like being alone on this great huge world. Days are empty and they all look the same no one to talk to, no one to say everything in your heart to, no one to be in your side when you need one, no one to wipe that tear off your eyes, Just NO ONE, he’s gone the Only thing I can do is reading his tweets and tweet for him and waiting if he’s going to tweet back anything, and just turn off my twitter disappointed having nothing to make my self okay with.

And moving on is not something you do for all people you’ve met in your life, some people are just so hard to move on – on, and you know it’s like it’s forbidden to move on and it’s just you, you can’t move on you just love to see whatever he’s doing writing saying anything to remind you of him. So moving on is something I won’t do no matter happened or no matter what will happen.


After all I guess I’ll stay as I am proud of having you as my best friend you little angel with a great smile that lights up my life every time you do smile, it’s just irresistible, I wish you a happy everyday of your life, just keep remember me, I know you won’t forget me, you just can’t  do it take care of your self you angel May allah keeps you in save .


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