the angle your eyes had missed !

since these days are pretty much my last days at school , i was thinking of making a video ,it doesn’t say alot about me as rasha as it gathers clips from what’s happening around me .

i still can’t believe i turned 18 and one step closer to success as well as death :p hahaha ,i do not really aim to mention it but yeah a birthday means (hey remember when you were a tiny piece of shit ,you didn’t actually exist ,and now you’re consuming what you’ve got from ur loud ticking seconds for celebrating that) <–that in my opinion what goes in mind but never spoken loud .

another thing that people cheer about is marriage ,i mean seriously Are You Out Of Your Mind ???
away from the pictures you have and the beautiful white dress ,flowers and the wedding itself there is your job ,your kids , and your bathrooms mirror.

and i believe the hardest would be your bathrooms mirror! you might now get confused but no don’t , this thing is just one example of the millions of things we tend to not think about ,although you see yourself in it each and every morning. It is probably the one thing that reflects genuiney , it shows you tired , with your swollen eyes and your shaggy skin yet it whispers in your ears “you’re alive”, and with all what it gives you you don’t even bother to pay it back , you don’t smash it neither clean it .

i am not asking you to be more hygienic ,i am just telling you you should be more responsible before you make your move ,as in serious matters ofc , HAVING KIDS is in , are you following ?IT’SIN .

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