worship your friendship

The title speaks it all and loud , well the reason why am writing here is that someone that means a lot to me has gifted me with the honor of sharing a blog .

one thing you should all try is having an opposite gender friend ,haha, seriously  i have one  *not gay* btw , you’ll be able to tell him-her everything what  ever you want , fights and stupid arguments are certainly concluded as any friendship but what you’ll share with a friend is so much more than a 30 mins fight ;p okay sometimes it exceeds the limit bs it works out at the end and everything  goes back to what it should be like .

a friend is someone who cares about you , offers you a shoulder to cry on in states of collapse and giggles with you in moments of joy , a friend is someone who calls you from his moms’ phone and congratulates you for your success , sometime to tell you to stop giving up and to work with you to work it out , a friend is someone i can act funny with , and a friend is what i call abdullah alfaqeir :’) *singing (lucky) all the way long*

this post is sponsored by abdulhamids shoman library

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