worship your friendship

The title speaks it all and loud , well the reason why am writing here is that someone that means a lot to me has gifted me with the honor of sharing a blog .

one thing you should all try is having an opposite gender friend ,haha, seriously  i have one  *not gay* btw , you’ll be able to tell him-her everything what  ever you want , fights and stupid arguments are certainly concluded as any friendship but what you’ll share with a friend is so much more than a 30 mins fight ;p okay sometimes it exceeds the limit bs it works out at the end and everything  goes back to what it should be like .

a friend is someone who cares about you , offers you a shoulder to cry on in states of collapse and giggles with you in moments of joy , a friend is someone who calls you from his moms’ phone and congratulates you for your success , sometime to tell you to stop giving up and to work with you to work it out , a friend is someone i can act funny with , and a friend is what i call abdullah alfaqeir :’) *singing (lucky) all the way long*

this post is sponsored by abdulhamids shoman library

Good bey High School!

And here we go saying good bey to high school, after failing in the Islamic culture class and do it again , finally I did succeeded alhamdulillah. It was such an amazing experience in the Jordanian high school because it depends a lot on luck actually, many people succeeded in our “Tawjihi” they barely could manage it to “Tawjihi” and they were able to get amazing marks as well, so actually I don’t know what to say!.

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Hello World!, as always

As every first blog starts with hello world why don’t I start mine as well ?! , this blog will be the first serious blog in my life, I already have my own website I wanted to create a blog on it but I don’t know why I’m writing here ?. Wait, I’m already writing on my website !.

I’m just a 18 years old human living on earth on a spot called “Jordan” learned how to write codes by my self when I was 15 years old doing many things (Good Things) to fill my time and leave a fingerprint in this big planet we’re living in it .

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