Aaand here we go Uni!

So, after 14 years of school life, here I am going to university and living the university student life, but not actually living it with all it’s features! why ? I’ll tell you.

After finishing high school “Tawjihi” with an really shitty degree 66% because of the “Tawjihi Luck” we have it here in Jordan, I’ve suffered to get into university because the acceptance degrees for this year was really high :S and also my financial status is really not that much anyway “alhamdulillah for everything”  so I had to take a private university and I’ve suffered in this matter as well, because the hour price in private universities is really high! so I was really confused which one to choose, moving from one to another until I found Philadelphia University and it has a scholarship for athletics and singers..etc, so I said finally it’s working and almost everything was good until we get to the payment level, I just need the admission fees telling my family, then I’ve heard “We don’t have it.”,….. I just had nothing to say back there and I decided to delay uni to next semester and work in this time.

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