Random thoughts

Well, as it’s title says, you’ll read Random thoughts, coming on my mind right now and always.

My first thought is my best friend, I mean she’s AWESOME, she’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, I’ve never thought that I’ll have a female best friend, specially in such society, and such generation, it’s like looking for a needle in a tuft of straws, but thankfully I’ve found mine, just like that, she’s being everything, she’s a strong person when you need one, a loving person when you need a friend with pure love, a funny one when you’re sad or filled with sorrows, a wise person when you’re confused, a smart problem solver when you’re in one, she can be anything you want and for sure she’s your Best Friend all time, every second, I’m really grateful for having her in my life, and proud for letting me be her Best Friend, and I wish everyone to have one like her because once you have her you have everything, AND I MEAN IT.

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