I got my life back!

After suffering for 39 days, I got my LIFE back, and I mean my BEST FRIEND by LIFE. In the last time I lost hope, I lost everything, even my self, sorrows filled my body not only my heart, tears can be easily noticed in my eyes, faking every smile, and forcing myself to laugh. And now all that has vanished, I’m me myself again, I can smile, I can laugh, even my heart is laughing very loud, it’s so loud I can hear it.

But I still feel empty, and I need time to be refilled, with the love of my best friend. I don’t think that there’s anything on this planet that can mejor the amount of happiness that blows my body and my heart into pieces. I can feel my heart moving around inside my chest, I just can’t control it, I can feel its smile, getting wide and wide, I can feel my chest getting bigger and bigger, YES it’s happiness people it’s happiness.

You’ll never realize the true meaning of having a BEST FRIEND from the opposite sex, it’s the most amazing thing in the world, you just need to understand how to deal with and how to create some limits in order to keep this awesome friendship going, it’s like putting a submarine in the middle between the sea and the surface forever and keep people inside it safe.

Search for your best friend and when you find him/her hold him/her with your teeth and hand and legs, hold him/her with everything you have because he’s/she’s everything you have, and be sure that it’s your GOD GIFT, and you’ll never get anything like it.

My allah keep my best friend in save and living by my side till I die. My Dear Best Friend, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE MY SELF.

P.S. you can now consider 01/02/2014 as my second birthday :).

Abdullah Al-Faqeir

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