Random thoughts

Well, as it’s title says, you’ll read Random thoughts, coming on my mind right now and always.

My first thought is my best friend, I mean she’s AWESOME, she’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, I’ve never thought that I’ll have a female best friend, specially in such society, and such generation, it’s like looking for a needle in a tuft of straws, but thankfully I’ve found mine, just like that, she’s being everything, she’s a strong person when you need one, a loving person when you need a friend with pure love, a funny one when you’re sad or filled with sorrows, a wise person when you’re confused, a smart problem solver when you’re in one, she can be anything you want and for sure she’s your Best Friend all time, every second, I’m really grateful for having her in my life, and proud for letting me be her Best Friend, and I wish everyone to have one like her because once you have her you have everything, AND I MEAN IT.

Second thought is I miss missing programming, I miss my old me, who used to run to code whenever he feels wrong or lost or bored, the one who used to wake up at the middle of the night just because he dreamed of a problem he’s having and he found the solution in his dream, the one who used to write code in the street just because he feels like it, the one who was waiting for the second day just to go to work and start working writing codes all day, looking for challenges to beat, and stays at work hours after his work’s hours is done, I don’t know, I just was doing the wrong thing by being in a place I’m not truly appreciated, I need to stop getting too attached to people, I need to find my self again and start bringing it back to life, that’s all I need right now.

Third thought, I just started to get really afraid of girls in such time’s, I mean now it’s really hard to look for one who’s pretty inside-out, it’s all pretty from outside, and once you take a deeper look inside her the only thing you see is “SILLINESS”, aimless girls look for ridiculous stuff, I just start thinking that I’ll live the rest of my life alone with no one and I’ll live with what I have of friends, unless someone with good and pretty heart before having a pretty face, because once you see the pretty of the inside it’ll automatically reflex to the outer side, that’s what we need to look for in such days the inner beauty, that’s all what matter’s or it’s the only thing that matter’s for me!, I’ll just stop looking at least this time, and inshallah I’ll find her without searching, but wait, you can’t find anything without looking for it,, Okay, I’ll look for her silently, and I’ll make sure to make my eye’s see the inner side before the outer one, that’s the right thing to do, and hopefully I’ll find her, and it’s not ego or something but she’ll be sooooo lucky.

That’s it that’s what on my mind right now! :P, I guess it’s soo random, I mean there’s nothing to do with each paragraph ^^’, that’s one of thing’s I got from my best friend “Randomness”, and I’m lovin’ it, it’s cool :P, see you in my next blog people and it might be my best friend the next one :P, let’s just hope for another one :), take a good care of yourselves, love you all whoever you are….

Abdullah Al-Faqeir

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