As days pass on and time runs out of your hands, you sit there in the dark night with its thirst to lock you with miseries and sorrows surrounding you,how?just by going over your actions and attitudes the day before and the one before and it goes on and on and on and on until you drop a tear and say (astaghfer allah al3azem).

Night rhymes with knight msh mn faragh ,it actually grabs your soul and starts playing it for as long as you’re awake ,blacked out and being forced to watch a clip of all the faces your mind would recognise the ones who left ,died and the ones who you’ll see when the sun rises ! w khod fadde mn elhawa kasak as the legendery om kolthoom says …

your only companian for the night is the battle your mind and heart go through… and lets get it all clear ,your mind is a fearless bastard and your heart hmm that thing that keeps you alive and digs you a grave everyday is abviously a hypocrite (sawf talhobena el7aya w tskhar)

in between your past and your future there swings your present ,you may want to forget the past -lessons should be learned tho – look up to your future without the extra exitement and the fake smile you’ve got on your face .

no one ever said it’s going to be easy , no one has the right to give that life statement philosophers spent their entire lives seeking for, why ? because you dear reader is different , your heart, mind and eyes these cannot be copied , your tears , delusions and smiles will only be written in your own life scenario…


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