To Al-Rafeeq

You're the last person on earth that meant to be a loser. nor you are the one who should think like that.
Everytime I think about the fact of having you, I think of how strong you actually make me, You came to me when I was in my worst cases
you stood by my side, and took me out of the hell I was living in, regradless that it still hurts, the burns I got from everything, and everyone
I litraly have nothing to believe in but you, I've tried everything with everyone, and nothing worked, NOTHING!
You are the very best person to know that I'm too tired to hold on anything, yet, allah is giving me enough power to hold on on you
I can barely hold on anything. You are the only thing that gives me hope, you are the only reason I quite doing anything that could effect you
in a way or another.
If you really think that you'll actually live alone, believe me , YOU ARE SO WRONG, I don't have to swear over anything, but I'm 2900% sure
I'm not leaving you no matter what, I really thank allah for giving you to me, and this time I'm not losing you, I'm done looking for someone to kneel to.

If you don't need help, I need help, and you are the only person who can actually help me.
You are the only person who knows what pain I'm in, you are the only person I text at 3 am when I'm crying, because you're the only person who'll tab on my back and ask me to calm down instead of blaming me for doing many things

You take my hand and push me to do what I have to do

And after all you've done to me, it was my turn to give back to you.
You are the only person I feel like I need to give back to him for the rest of my life, and wallahi, no matter what I do, I always feel
like I've done nothing, and always feel like I need to do more.

PLEASE, stay with me, and I promise with all my heart, I'll didecate my heart to you, and so as my brain, I'll give you everything I have
or whatever I could ever have.

I'll hold your hand to the end of the way, I'll keep on pushing you to your limits, I'll show you your way, and make sure you'll walk it
no matte what.

Every person on this fucked up planet god has sent him someone to take care of and stay by his side, and I believe that I'm the one for you

I'll give you whatever it takes, so YOU can reach what you're aiming for.

And believe me, I wouldn't do all of that, unless I'm BELIEVING in YOU.

I belive in all the power and enthusiasm you have, I belive of all the great thoughts you have in your mind, and I believe that WE can do it to "fucking" gather.

Those tears you dropped, feels worse than hell to me, and I'll do everything I can to make it the very last time.

???? ????? ??????

I am here for YOU
and will always be.
I'm just a little bit tired, same as you. So if sometimes you feel like I'm giving up, be sure I'm not, I'm just gathering up my shit again
to come back and hold you and put you on your feet again.


I don't remember the last time I loved someone the same way I loved you. so please don't take everything from me. Because YOU ARE everything to me, wallah you should see Hamzeh talking about how much I love you, he even said he wish that I can love him the way I love you…
This made me happy and sad at the same time. I'll just explain this later.

But what I see, that everyone is seeing how much I love you, the way I talk about you, the spreakls in my eyes whem I'm telling about you
the amount of passion in my tune.

I'll be giving you all this love by being sure, that YOU WILL REACH the person you are aiming to be.

Together we stand ya Rafeeq, Devided we fucking fall.

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